Michael Stadnicki - Al's Italian Beef & Catering

"Just wrapped up an event for 2,000 people that came in from the RCS website!! I wanted to say THANK YOU TO THE RCS team!!! For a job well done and a Catering system that kicks butt!

We launched a few weeks ago and already have $20,000 plus in Catering orders. Thanks again Michael and Team RCS!"


Chris Whitworth - Fallon’s Catering

I was in Atlanta recently
for your seminar. I have bought into your company, and am so happy I did. Your team-mates are amazing!!!! Looking to a wonderful 2017!!!

FYI we have booked almost 10K in new business from what I took away from Atlanta, and we don't even have the whole system working yet. Thank you and your crew very much."


Jenn Smiljanovski - LazyBones Smokehouse

"We have been using RCS Catering Software for about two and half years and I love how easy it is to keep everything organized and how quickly we can get orders, quotes and invoices sent over to potential customers. Our custom built website is another favorite feature of mine also.

I can't recommend RCS enough to restaurants that want to expand, start or even just organize their catering. RCS has been an awesome tool for us and our customers. We get compliments on our website, the layout of the invoices and the quick response time from online inquiries.

Since being with RCS, our catering sales have grown over 100%.

We look forward to continually growing our catering sales and using RCS to boost our new Food Truck."

Star Catering.png

Jerry Sousou - Star Catering

"Are you using the new Delivery Manager feature with the tipping function? If not you are definitely leaving money on the table.

We average 3 to 4 deliveries a day and this feature by itself is making more than what we pay for the cost of software (sometimes in one day).

As a caterer you need to differentiate yourself from the competition and when you send your client a text or email through the RCS driver that you are on your way or that you arrived they will appreciate it and you will prove that you are different than other caterers."

Via Lago.png

Marie Ricarte - Via Lago

"The new delivery app is great! I love it and so do my customers. My drivers had some reservations in the beginning, but after last month, and then this month, their tips doubled for the month!

We pool all tips per month and then the pool is split by how many days each driver worked per month. I have about 13 drivers working and this week I had lots of smiles when they opened their checks yesterday and they each got about an extra $400 bucks!

I was a little scared that calls would come in saying “What's this charge? I didn't sign for that,” but now after I asked Michael to put the signature right on the Invoice after they signed, I feel really good and we are very much looking forward to the next stages of this app! Thanks Michael and RCS!"


Vincent Fava - Trinacria Cafe

"My name is Vincent Fava. I am the owner of Trinacria Café in Baltimore. Trinacria is a family business that has been around since 1908. Here, you’re family. We are known in town for having a great atmosphere and fresh Italian food.

We had been with RCS for just under 4 months when we had already seen a night and day difference. Before we were using pen and paper to take down orders, which often times mean not having all of the information or even losing some of it. Now, everything is structured and you don’t have to give it a second thought. It all takes care of itself.

RCS allows us to be more thorough. Having this system and the website they built for me allows me a lot more opportunities than anything in print ever could. It’s a much more smooth process for us, and our customers see that. And it makes us look great!

Online ordering has been huge for us. Our customers love to place their orders online with this system. They love the graphics and how professional everything looks. It’s easy to use, and looks great!

We have also seen a lot of positive feedback from our clients thanks to the marketing letters. Our customers love getting thank you letters in the mail for their recent orders. It helps us build a really strong relationship with them, and they appreciate it.

RCS is just hands down a great tool. In 3 months we had tripled catering sales. So much to the point that our slow season was SLAMMED!

I look at it this way. If you are building a house, and cutting wood, would you use a hand saw or a power saw? RCS is the power saw. It just works, and trust me…the house gets built much faster!

The RCS team can’t go unmentioned. They are so helpful and supportive and have helped in every way that I have expected them to. They are efficient, friendly, and most importantly, they all just want you to succeed. They truly care about our success. And I appreciate that.

Our business is continuously growing because everything is smoother. And people are noticing that. From the marketing on our tables, to our catering website, RCS gets you to the next level. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent for my business."


Jay Johnson - Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon

"Hi, my name is Jay Johnson. I’m the owner of Bubba’s Roadhouse in Cape Coral, Florida. We’ve been using RCS Catering Software since June of ’08 to help better track and handle our catering business. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen is the increase in sales.

Our catering sales have grown 1,110% since we started using RCS in 2008 through 2015 and we have had double digit growth every year since 2008.”


Mark and Ingrid Rogers - Smoke & Spice Express

"Before joining RCS Catering software in early 2013, we were primarily using differentcatering software. We found this software to be extremely overwhelming and cumbersome to use. With how much brain power it took just to enter a simple item or place an order, it didn’t make much sense for our business.

What caught my attention about RCS was its marketing capabilities, speed of getting things done and most importantly its ease of use. RCS is so user friendly! It’s simpler and therefore allows us to be much more efficient in our operations and order taking, and for our business, efficiency is everything.

Another very important feature for us was invoicing. If someone calls who is interested in having an event catered, I can enter their information into the RCS database, create a customized quote and have it in their inbox by the time I’m done with the conversation. With the other software we were using, that could NEVER happen. It would take at least 30 minutes and would require a callback to that client.

The same is true for placing orders; everything can be done in seconds. You enter it in and BAM! It’s done. There’s no wait time for your client, which means no time for them to go looking anywhere else for a different caterer!

Michael and his team at RCS Catering Software have helped us every step of the way. They helped us create competitive pricing and packages that have made a huge difference for us amongst our competitors. They have also given us multiple marketing strategies that put us on the map for catering in our area!

Marketing campaigns we had tried in the past that had failed, suddenly were given a new spin that got us in front of the right people and hauled in new catering prospects by the dozens. We weren’t just given the tools to be successful; we were EDUCATED on how to use these tools in several different ways that will consistently grow our catering business!

Since joining RCS, the WORST month we have had was still 200% better than before we started. Before we may have done one or two deliveries a monthand mostly full service jobs on the weekends; All of that has changed. We have consistent weekday work now. In December, we did 3 times the amount of delivery sales than that of the previous December.

You guys just rock. It’s a system and it’s a system that WORKS! For people like us, we aren’t pushy sales people, and it’s not something we feel comfortable doing. RCS helped us grow our business without compromising our values or visions. We can’t thank you enough!"


Dan Morgenstern - Firewürst

"Firewürst is a start-up restaurant in the Triangle area in North Carolina. We’re in the fast casual sector and feature flame-grilled sausages, burgers, and dogs. We’ve been open for about a year and a half, and are a family-owned company (father and two sons). We’ve got a fun, family atmosphere, and we really kick the hot dog up to a whole new level with our Chef’s Creations (Reuben Dogs are an example).

Before signing on with RCS all of our catering was from inbound sales. We didn’t put much of a priority on it in the early stages of Firewürst, so there was a sign in the restaurant that said “Ask us about catering” and that was about it.
We started working with RCS in January of this year, but really got up and running with the system, menu, etc. in late February

RCS has shifted catering to the top of everyone’s minds. No one goes a day without putting together an order, delivering an order, or working on generating more sales. The whole online system has streamlined our ordering process and leads management, and we’ve become one of the go-to caterers for many offices and groups around our three locations.

While there wasn’t much of a starting point for us, we can certainly speak to the quick growth. Catering sales doubled from the first month to the second, and have been on a steady 50-75% growth per month clip since then. Michael set a benchmark goal for us of $100,000 in sales in the first year. That remains our goal and if we continue our steady growth, we’re highly confident that we’ll be able to hit that number at this point."

Taylor Grocery.png

Butch Scott - Taylor Grocery Catering

Let me share this with you. The two numbers I measure in my business are food cost and labor cost with a goal of 50% combining the two. Most years its runs 55% with the very best year being 53% over the last 10 years. For the first quarter of this year it ran 55%, about normal.

In March I started using RCS and by the of end of June I hit my target number of 50% for the second quarter. Michael if those numbers hold for the rest of the year…..that an increase to my bottom line of $27,000.00! $27,000.00 is a nice raise but the real savings is my time. Using RCS is like adding a day to my week. I’m getting to the point as you say “working on my business instead of working in it.”

You and your team are awesome. Most of my contact has been with Meredith…give the girl a raise! And I’m sure Jillian is just as good.

Thank you again for RCS Catering Software. There is no way I could go back to the old way that I’ve used for the last 20 years. I’d rather quit the business than do without RCS."

David's Pit.png

Jeremy Hood - David’s Real Pit BBQ

My name is Jeremy Hood, President for David’s Real Pit BBQ in Gainesville, Florida. We have been a client of RCS for about 2 years. Before using RCS for our operations, marketing and invoicing we were unorganized to say the least. We had no database to keep track of our clients, no marketing to promote our catering services, and virtually no way to track our customer’s invoices or order history.

In 2012, the year we first started with RCS, our catering sales ended up 20.8% over 2011. Last year they were up 37.8% over 2012! So needless to say, I’m excited to see how this year turns out! Now catering is its own system. The software keeps us organized and our customers happy. It allows us to focus on growing sales and executing the orders so we continue to get referrals from happy, return customers.

As members of RCS, we have also have gained access to information from Restaurant Profit Point, Michael’s personal online collection of Marketing Lessons/Ideas. The resources made available through RPP are priceless. Anyone who does not take advantage of Restaurant Profit Point is not realizing the true value of this software!"

Cranberry Creek.png

Jim Norton - Cranberry Creek Restaurant & Catering

"Dear Michael,
I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how we’ve been doing since signing on with restaurant catering systems earlier this year.

I can only say that I am truly amazed at our growth this year. Year-to-date we are up 32% in catering sales which is on top of a 40% growth last year. We went aggressively toward catering two years ago and I really questioned our ability to have this strong of a year in 2009, especially in our economic climate. Your system did two major things for us. First of all it organized our operation from an execution point of view. Orders placed more and more by the customers themselves online followed by a nifty little text message sent on our cell phones has given our staff more time to do actual catering and less time needed answering phones and confirming orders by phone. The second thing it has done is clean up my A/R nightmare that I had been experiencing. Now I’m actually getting paid faster which in these times is critical.

We market the online ordering system with direct mail pieces to the larger offices and churches and we have been amazed with the results. People just love the control they have with placing orders themselves without having to call. And it just gives us such a professional image. Beyond that, it allows us to do SO MUCH more catering from this facility I acquired two years ago.

I am so glad I made the choice to invest in your system. It truly has been a godsend. I might actually make some money doing this in 2010!!"


Guy Campbell - Moe's Southwest Grill

"Dear Michael:
Wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. 
Catering has always been an important part of Moe’s. It is a very valuable profit center, and every event is a marketing opportunity for our stores. A fellow franchisee who happens to have done an above average job of building his catering sales recommended that we get together.

I thought you were going to show me just another catering software program. What you ended up revealing was an arsenal of tools to help us grow and manage our catering business. Since you personally have built and operated a seven figure catering operation out of your own restaurant, I knew you had the experience to help us increase our sales.

Besides the excellent operational system you designed into Restaurant Catering Systems, you incorporated everything an operator could ever need to market his catering business to his existing customers. Best of all, every marketing piece goes out through your mail house. You took the time to get to know our business and designed auto-pilot systems that do not rely on us to do a thing.

Your two tier loyalty program is pure genius. We followed your advice for growing our catering sales through this feature and the mountain of catering marketing materials you gave us access to. I’m happy to report our first store has doubled its catering sales in very short order. My slowest store in terms of sales and catering sales went from $2500 a month to $5700 a month in catering sales last month alone!

Any operator remotely interested in growing their catering sales and profits should drop everything, take a demo of your powerful software and sign up immediately. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made. I wholeheartedly recommend you!

A big “Thanks” to you, Meredith and your programmers for always being available to help us."

Mother Mary's.png

Len Ruggiero - Mother Mary’s

"I have been with Michael for almost 2 years now, and for me the success we have had is largely in part to the marketing that RCS Catering Software has supplied us with. We have had a new website built, four walls marketing designed and even a survey system put into our website that allows us to receive customer feedback!

Before RCS came along we used to market our business on a very small scale, a bridal show here and there that would maybe bring 2 or 3 jobs in. We would try to call all of our clients after an order was served and thank them and get their feedback. But it was difficult keeping up with it all and turning it into repeat business.

Now that we have the RCS Catering system, all follow ups and phone calls are on a calendar and we get reminders for them! Also, it’s easier to track our customer’s orders and keep in touch with existing customers.

Thanks to Michael and his team, we make a much bigger impact with the bridal shows with the marketing materials and the new strategies they have given us for follow up.

So RCS has helped us find the customer, take their order easily, follow up with them and stay in front of them throughout the years without a single piece of paper or a pen. In fact, since 2013 my catering sales have increased by 36%! RCS helps me get the job done faster, easier and nothing falls through the cracks. It’s been a lifesaver."


Frank D’Antona - Cantina Mamma Lucia

"Your developers have been incredible as they were very accommodating in making changes to the application that helped streamline the processes. As an owner that likes to not be married to his store 365 days a year, it is nice to see our entire catering operations systemized. I can log in from out of town and know what’s going on.

Our kitchen crew saves at least an hour a day thanks to your production reports. No more hunting through tickets to figure out what needs to be prepped or cooked by what time. A few mouse clicks and the report is ready.

We have found your system to be very reliable and have experienced zero down time. Our catering customers love your web based ordering module that allows them to place their own catering orders from the comfort of their computer. They’ve commented on how user friendly your customer interface is. Since most of our orders come in about the same time each morning, online ordering from our customers frees up our phones and staff time.

I can’t say enough good things about your delivery reports. We all love the full color Google maps. No more worrying whether the driver will get lost.

We have just scratched the surface of your system and look forward to implementing even more. There is no doubt that the investment in this system is nothing compared to the payoff we’ve already received. Any restaurant owner serious about building and maintaining their catering business would be a fool not to at least take a demo of your system. I know they’ll be as impressed as I am.

Thanks again for such a wonderful service. I don’t know what we’d do if we had to go back to our old hand written ticket system. Keep up the great work!"


Mike Kirkpatrick - Moe's Southwest Grill

"Hi Michael,
Sorry for the delay on getting back to you, BUISNESS HAS GONE UP 12% IN ONLY 5 MONTHS AFTER USING RCS TO HELP RUN MY BUSINESS!

With the extra time I have saved on paperwork and marketing, I’ve had time to take a step back and look at the big picture. With your system I can know keep track of all my clients and how much they are spending. I now know when I haven’t herd from certain clients and I can set reminders to call or drop by and pay them a visit.

I use to spend around 4 minutes per phone call and now I’m down to 2 minute conversations with my costumers. All I have to say is…I have your last order on file and we will take care of it for you. Some have even begun placing orders on-line, which I love because I don’t spend one second on the phone or placing an order.

The system is full proof! The order is entered into RCS and a confirmation email is sent to the costumer and there is no confusion on what has been ordered. I come to work in the mornings and I pull up my food prep reports and press print. I then hand a copy to my opener and begin to plan the rest of my day. On average I would spend 30 minutes a day writing out what I needed, like dry goods, hot items and cold items to be prepped. And some days when I had 7 orders or more I spend over an hour or more writing everything by hand. Now my information is printed off a computer and it’s legible and easy to comprehend. I spend a total of 10 minutes a morning on paperwork.

I can’t thank you enough for making my life easier and helping my business grow! I have been recommending you to every business owner I meet. I will be opening a new restaurant later this year and you better believe I will be calling you to get my new formulas and website up and running before we open. I can’t wait to be able to hit the ground running with your system in my new restaurant, from day one. I will keep you posted on business and I hope to hear from you soon!"


Don Hines - Yazoo BBQ Company

My name is Don Hines. I am the owner of Yazoo Barbecue Co., a Denver, Colorado based restaurant that has been in business over 12 years.

We began using Restaurant Catering Systems in 2011. Before using Michael’s system, allofour catering orders were called in and written down by hand. This took a lot of time away from our productivity.

Now, having an online ordering system in place, we save a lot of time and always get accurate information. I get a text message letting me know I have an online order, then a fax, and also an e-mail notification all within minutes of each other!

I do an extremely large amount of catering and it’s hard to have only an hour’s notice to gather the man power to prepare and deliver an order if we are busy. I have my system set so that I must receive at least a 48 hour notice before an order goes out. If they need the order sooner than that, they are prompted to call us, so that we can personally discuss the order and see if it is something we can do. I like this feature because there are no surprises.

Also before RCS, customers would ask us “What did I get before?”, and then we would have to take the time to find the information and look it up, and now it’s all at their disposal. If they have ordered before, they can log in to the online ordering page, see what they have previously ordered and input another order very quickly! It streamlines the process for them and also for me. This system also cuts down on phone calls to us and they get a receipt of exactly what they ordered. All I can say it is so much more convenient for my customers now, and that makes a difference!"

Joe Morley's.png

J. Brent Morley - Joe Morley's BBQ

My name is Brent Morley, owner of Joe Morley’s BBQ in Midvale, Utah. We are an authentic Texas-Style BBQ Caterer and have been in business since December 1984.

Before using Restaurant Catering Systems, we depended solely on a 3 ring binder to keep our catering orders together. We were always terrified of that binder going missing! Everything from orders to invoices were written by hand. We eventually noticed we were accumulating boxes of past orders and invoices over time, in the event that we would need to reference a client’s information.

For the past 6 years we have been a client of RCS and all I can say is WOW! What a difference it has made for us! The nicest thing for me is when a customer calls; I can pull up their account before they can even finish telling me their name! My customers are impressed, and it is definitely easier than digging through binders or boxes to retrieve their info. It also makes getting the second sale a breeze!

It is remarkable to be able to see the total dollar amount a certain customer has spent. Especially now that we have a database of over 3000 names! All of their contact information is there at the touch of a button which makes it easy to stay in touch, and stay on top of business.

Now that we have a better grip on customer history and usage, we also have a much better idea what to expect when the orders come around! Exactly how much food to prepare, which stations to prepare from, and that saves us time! For clients with special diets or allergies, we can recall that information with the push of a button to make the necessary accommodations.

On top of having a great Software system to back us up, the Support Line has been remarkable. I have grown to have an emotional connection with this company because you truly feel like someone is always there to help you when you need it. Tech help, advice or training, RCS provides us with a great product and matching customer service. If I give my input on something that could be adjusted they will listen and will work with me to make a better system for my business. To see the amount of effort put into the system by their team and the fresh new features and updates that get added, is great. This is a consistent framework, and we are very satisfied!"


Chris Smith - Moe's Southwest Grill

"Hi. My name is Chris Smith, and I’m with Moe’s Southwest grill, owner of several
locations in Columbia, South Carolina, and Augusta, Georgia. We’ve recently started
using Restaurant Catering Systems about three months ago at all six of our locations, and
since then, we have experienced – we’ve had a very good experience with RCS. I want to
tell you a little bit about that.

There are really four things that I would like to highlight. One, the first being the day to
day management of our catering has improved. Two, the set-up of the system and control
of the system is really in your hands. Three, our professionalism outside of the restaurant
with our caterings has greatly improved, and four, our sales, our catering sales have
grown substantially since we implemented this system.

So, with that said, I’d like to touch on each of those four things. So, first, the day to day
management of our catering, we really used to depend on paper, and when a customer
would place an order, we would be hampered by printing off a piece of paper and taking
the order and depending on that piece of paper to get from order placement all the way to
order delivery. Now, with an online system, we input that order into a system and
multiple people have access to that, multiple people within our organization.

Additionally, we have within day to day management; we have a calendar of events. So,
I, as the owner of a restaurant, I’m able to see multiple locations and caterings that they
have for that day. And, as you can see, this is our calendar for November and three of the
restaurants – I’m able to go into this calendar each day and see what catering is on tap for
the day.

Additionally, with the day to day management and all this being placed into a reliable
system, the number of errors we’ve had with caterings has greatly been reduced. In part,
because notices are going to the general manager of the store that we have a catering,
they’re going to our area manager that we have a catering that day.

Those are just some of the things about the day to day management of the system. It’s
very easy to use, and it was an easy transition for our managers to make. Second, I
would like to highlight the control that I had as the owner and our managers have over
the system, particularly myself. We are able to, because it’s a very parameter driven
system, I’m able to make menu item changes on the fly. I’m able to make pricing changes
in the system myself, update ingredients, and I’m able to control access.

If I have a new manager that joins the system, it’s very easy to add them to the RCS
system. It’s very easy to update pricing within the system, and it’s not one of those things
where you have – when catering menus make changes, and certainly it’s expensive to
change the physical menu, the paper menu, but with the RCS system, it’s hassle free. It’s
just four, five seconds it takes to go in and update the price.

I’d like to highlight the professionalism of the system. The marketing feature in this for
us has been a great value-add for us. The Thank You letters, before we had RCS, we did
not send Thank You letters. We did not send follow-up emails or follow up letters to
customers to thank them or to try and get them back into the restaurant or get them to
order another catering again.

So, with RCS because you’re capturing all this great customer data with each order, your
system is able to send Thank You letters after each invoice is paid, and it’s able to if a
customer hasn’t placed an order after X number of days, and that’s a parameter driven
feature that I can set, and I set it at if a customer hasn’t placed an order after seventy-five
days, then we’re able to send a reactivation letter. The system automatically sends that
letter to that customer, and with some coupons and some offers that will coax them back
into the restaurant. We’ve seen it already working in our restaurant.

The birthday option, you’re capturing birthday information, so the system will
automatically send out birthday notices and birthday offers to customers. Again, just
building that loyalty with that customer and the confidence with the customer.

The other feature to the system is the loyalty referral program. We have not utilized that
yet as we’re still just a few months into RCS, but we will at some point probably take
advantage of that aspect of the system, but the great thing about RCS is if you don’t want
to use that aspect of the system, you don’t have to.

So, professionalism is greatly advanced. We know who our customers are, and like I said
letters and confirmations, emails go out to our customers. There are just so many touch
points that happen with the customer now that did not happen before.

And, a fourth and final point for us would be sales have greatly increased for us since we
started using RCS. Our locations, like I said we have six locations, our catering sales are
up over twenty percent. We have one store that in October had catering sales
improvement greater than 56 percent. Another store was up 39 percent. Another store
was up 26 percent.

So, we’re seeing customers come back and come back to us by virtue of our service with
the help of RCS.

So, that’s it, and there are many more features that I did not touch on within the system,
but I hope that gives you some benefits and highlights some of the things that we
appreciate about RCS and look forward to having in the future. Thank you very much."


Sonny Singh - Hogzilla BBQ

My name is Sonny Singh, Owner of Hogzilla BBQ in Battle Creek, Michigan. We are a BBQ restaurant that has been in business over 10 years. We had the good fortune of recently opening our second location, here in Michigan, and are looking to expand soon into the Food Truck market.

Two years ago, before coming on board with RCS, my restaurant was chaos and paperwork. A LOT of paperwork. We were keeping track of our orders via written orders, while cross referencing those orders with our calendar and books.

Now that we have RCS, it is absolutely painless. We are much more productive and working at a higher efficiency thanks to the online ordering and CRM database. All orders and contact information is in one place. Creating quotes and invoicing is a breeze and now our entire team can work through the same system effortlessly.

We have experienced a much higher rate of retention with our clients. It is so simple for them to make repeat orders, or to build new ones with our Online Ordering Interface.

We also have less fear of things falling through the cracks. One of our bigger clients, Kellogg Corporation has multiple departments, with hundreds of people to keep track of. With RCS we are able to keep up with these rapid orders, and multiple departments at a time. We never have to worry about being unorganized or misplacing an order.

We have recently also been able to hire on a sales team, who specializes in going out and stirring up catering business. They are able to have the software with them, so they can give a quote on site, as well as capture that person’s information before they leave.

RCS has made things a lot easier in our day to day lives here at Hogzilla, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our business."


Judy Brenna - Moe's Southwest Grill

"Since transferring from our old system to RCS we have been able to maintain exceptional levels of efficiency, organization and precision; far greater than our other system had to offer. RCS, for us, has become a one-stop-shopping outlet. We can input orders in a fraction of time it took before, utilizing the Rapid Interface feature.

We can run a wide variety of marketing programs and promotions, targeting specific demographics, as opposed to sending out a mass email to everyone in our contact list. Now we can target specific groups, for example all of our residential clients.

With our old system we had to manually go in and search ordering patterns with our clientele. Now we can narrow down a specific search criteria and generate reports targeting certain clients who haven’t ordered within a specific amount of time, with just a few clicks of a button.

Not only has it helped with our sales end, the new system has aided with food production efficiency in our kitchens.

And lastly, the customer service response time and overall effort is dramatically different compared to our old system. If we ever had an issue, great or small, the initial response time was usually 24-48 hours and the amount of time it took to resolve the matter could take up to a couple weeks. Now the response and problem solving turnover rate is on average 24 to 48 hours, depending on the issue.

Overall I feel with the help of all the features RCS has at our disposal we have freed up more time to focus on new business which in turn brings in more sales revenue."


John Homrighausen - Backyard Catering

"I have been an offsite caterer for 10 years as well as a restaurant/catering process consultant. In that time I have worked with all of the top players in the catering software market as well as some “up and comers” while servicing my national foodservice clientele. I said that to make the point that I understand the catering software needs of restaurants and caterers at a granular level. I also understand what software is available to them to run their catering operations. (I have consulted with a number of the software companies as well.)

One of the things I tell my clients right off the bat is that catering is a different animal than restaurant operations. Catering operations are essentially sales operations who happen to make food. In fact, the more complex the event, the less it becomes about the food and the more about the sales process and logistics. What Michael has created is a sales system that also manages the catering operation hyper-efficiently. His understanding of not only the logistical requirements of a catering operation, but also the marketing and client relationship aspects is unequalled in the software-as-service market.

I 100% recommend RCS to any restaurant looking to grow their catering operations, and any catering operation looking to take control of the management and marketing of their business.

Thanks & God Bless"


Janette Ralston - Eadie's Kitchen & Market

"Dear Michael:
I’m sitting here wondering how we ever ran our catering department and bakery without your software. Our regular customers appreciate that we don’t have to ask for their contact information each and every time. That’s all possible thanks to your easy to use database. The tickets and invoices your system generates make us look more professional and we’re saving a ton of time.

Not only are we saving time entering orders with the easy order entry system, but I can’t tell you how much more time and less busy the phones are now that we’ve turned on our regulars to your online ordering module. Sixty to eighty percent of our orders come directly online from our customers. They love the speed and accuracy. We love not having to place customers on hold.

Another benefit of your system is the virtual elimination of mistakes. By having everything printed from your system, we’re not scratching our heads wondering who wrote what on our old style hand written tickets.

On a customer service side, I appreciate how responsive you and your team have been. From an occasional glitch to an improvement to your software to training, you run a very responsive company. I appreciate you taking the time to better explain how to create the kitchen production reports and look forward to even more time savings for me and my crew.

I am happy to recommend Restaurant Catering Systems to any one seriously interested in running a manageable catering business."


Kristin McCann - Schmaltz Deli

"Hi, I’m Kristin McCann with the Schmaltz Deli in Naperville, Illinois. We’ve been open for about six years. We’re a one location Jewish deli in the western suburbs of Chicago. We’ve been with Restaurant Catering Systems for about two years now.

Prior to using RCS, we entered all of our catering orders on Excel spreadsheets. We had online ordering system that customers could place their own order for, just a sandwich here, a sandwich there, but not really for our catering program.

So, now with RCS, our catering program has become a lot more organized. Our catering customers can enter their order themselves, or a lot of them prefer to call us and we’re able to enter that order for them in the computer, send them a confirmation right away with their email address.

It really – RCS has really allowed us to become more organized, give us more follow-up with our customers. We’re able to know when that customer last placed an order. We can repeat the same order. We have a lot of customers who will place the same thing every other week or once a month, and we’re able to easily do that.

I think one of the great things about RCS is we have control over every aspect of the system. We can input items. We can update descriptions. We can input photos. We can add customers. We can delete customers. We can move our menu any way we want. We can add special menus at special times. We have some very big holidays. We have Jewish holidays. St Patrick’s Day is one of our biggest holidays, and we can add menus and hide them when they don’t need to be used.

So, I think one of the great things about RCS for us is that back end information and being able to have more knowledge about our customers, who they are, what they like to order, things about delivery locations, and special options that we need to know for different trucks, and we can include all of that in the system, and whether put the information in or other catering coordinator or one of our managers, that information is all right there for them to see.

The RCS has been really simple to use, easy to understand, but if there was something that we needed more training on, the RCS staff is there. They’re very responsive and willing to do more online training or on phone training with any of our staff to come down to get started with that.

So, I think RCS for us has been a success all around. The people who use that, our customers who log in and place their own orders have found it very simple and we found it a great way to keep everything much more efficient and organized.

There’s still lots of stuff that we haven’t done with the program yet. We’re still working on inputting menus. We’re still working on the marketing plan. I know all that stuff is there for us to use, but we haven’t taken advantage of it yet. So, there’s still more room for us to grow with RCS. There’s lots more for us to do, but I think we are really liking having the information about our customers, and being able to know, better know who they are, and RCS lets us do that."


James Garofalo - The Egg & I

"Dear Michael:
I wanted to write you to let you know how thrilled I’ve been with the decision to use Restaurant Catering Systems web based system to manage our catering business. Before we found your system, everything was handled manually, with information in many different places. It is so nice to have one system to go to handle anything from taking orders to handling quotes to tracking invoices, etc.

Your system has made our catering business much easier on our staff to deal with the day to day operations. I love Restaurant Catering Systems, because my restaurant is no longer reliant on me. I am no longer the “go-to” person with catering questions. Your software is so easy to use, my staff can handle details and situations that arise without tracking me down. I can now work on growing my business and having a life.

I really appreciate the system you have built to help the restaurant operator like me. We look forward to working with you over the years to come.


Beba Touloupis - Ted's To Go & Ted's Catering

"Hi, my name is Beba Touloupis, and I own Ted’s To-Go and Ted’s Catering in
Birmingham, Alabama. Before we found the Restaurant Catering System, we were not
using our time effectively. We were not organized. We did not have a centrally located
customer database. We were not – we did not provide a customer loyalty program, and I
did not have easy access to my monthly sales totals.

After we found the system, and I’ve been using it now for several months, I now have a
centrally located customer database. I can – With the click of the button on my mouse, I
can get all my customer information, all their addresses, emails, sales totals, and all the
information I need.

I also have a customer loyalty program which encourages repeat business. My customers
get a thank you note and a loyalty program that are sent directly from the system, all
professionally done, and I had to do none of the hard work. It was all done by the system.

I also have access to my sales totals. I know exactly who my top catering sales customers
are, and I know which industry they’re working in. It’s also great for my Ted’s To-Go
business because my customers are able to send in a to-go order at the click of a button,
and have it ready for them when they come by to pick it up.

I also have less paperwork. There was no need for me to pull out extra paper work or
looking for information on my customers. Everything is there. I can create quotes. I can
save confirmation emails and invoices all on the internet. Everything is easy, easy, easy.

My customers also have the convenience of having access to the computer website 24
hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no need to worry about looking for me and
making sure they’re finding someone to talk to to place an order. They go directly to the
system, log on and place an order, and I get a confirmation email, and they get one also.

Anyone on the fence about using the Restaurant Catering System, I would encourage you
to give it a try. The system will help your business stand out from your competition. It is
an easy, convenient system that your customers will be able to use, and you’ll be
spending less time in the office, and more time building customer relations."

Logan Farms2.png

Jim Logan - Logan Farms

"Folks, It is working! Check out my June sales.  

Westheimer’s catering is up over 140% for the months of January through June compared to the same period last year. Our goal in catering is $200,000 in sales this year.  

FM 1960’s catering is up over 500%- our goal is $100,000 in sales for this year.  

These increases have been accomplished by following Michael Attias’ system and his newsletters. I have visited with each of you and explained the program we have initialed at our store. I have urged all of you to order his system or at least the monthly newsletters. Some of you will see the same results that I am having by using this program. However, a few of you are still not doing anything to capture this lucrative and rewarding business.  

Pick up the phone and call Michael Attias– it’s only money! For all of us using Michael Attias’ system and month newsletters, we need to thank our lucky stars we found him!"

 Salad Creations.png

John King - Salad Creations

"Dear Michael:
Salad Creations prides itself in choosing vendor partners that not only add value to our
relationship, but treat our business as their own. We consider you and your team an extension of
our team here at the home office in Florida.

It’s been a year since we started a two store test with you and thanks to that success; we decided
to have our National Ad Fund cover the investment in your system for all of our franchisees. It’s
been a very wise investment as your catering software has helped our operators manage and
grow their catering and take-out sales. It’s great to have online ordering integrated with your
system, so our take-out sales as well can be managed through one service provider.

I have personally found your team very accommodating to work with and very responsive to
requests. In fact, just today I received access to the new Franchisor Interface we had discussed not
long ago. Just about anytime we have an issue, your team is there immediately for us.

Besides having created a robust, yet easy to operate system for our franchisees, the value added
we receive from you, the nation’s foremost expert on helping restaurants increase their sales
through catering, has been immense.

Your monthly Catering Coaching Calls for our franchisees combined with unlimited access to has made you an invaluable part of our marketing
arsenal. The franchisees that have availed themselves to your treasure trove of ad and sales
letter templates, marketing manuals and newsletters through downloads at are experiencing some incredible sales gains in a relatively
short period of time.

Any chain or franchisor interested in building, managing and growing catering sales, would be a
fool to look anywhere besides you and Restaurant Catering Systems. We are looking forward to
even more catering sales as we start our second year partnership together."