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Restaurant Catering Systems has designed a catering software system with a variety of tools and systems to help you grow and manage your catering profit center.  In addition to our software, we provide systems and services to help you generate qualified catering leads, turn those leads into long term, repeat catering clients who refer others. 

Whether you choose to take a demo of this incredible catering software tool or not, let me share with you the Catering Management And Marketing Systems you will want and the features you’ll get with our catering software:

  • A Customer & Prospect Management SystemCRM.png
    No longer will index cards or a simple database allow you to convert prospects into customers or insure your customers stay raving, loyal fans. You need one place where you can track all phone calls, meetings, orders, quotes, proposals and activities. Imagine your cell phone ringing with a text message reminder for your 1:30pm call to close a catering sale. The technology exists and Restaurant Catering Systems is the first to bring this to the marketplace.

    You also need the ability to track and use important data such as: multiple contacts within a company; multiple delivery locations; tax exempt status and key indicators like employee size and industry classification (Read on and learn how these last two factors can super-charge your marketing results). All of this power is incorporated into our CRM, Customer Relationship Manager.

  • A Lead Nurturing System
    Imagine a young man takes a woman on a date. He takes a shower, dresses nicely, opens the car door and shows her a good time. At the end of the date, he pulls out his business card and says, "I had a really good time. Here's my card. Call me if you'd like to get married."


    What are the odds he'll end up hearing back from the young lady? Slim to none. So what makes you think one interaction with a catering prospect will lead to a sale or repeat catering sales? With the cost of finding qualified cateirng prospects increasing, you must have a system to nurture these valuable leads. With Restaurant Catering Systems, you enter your qualified catering prospects into our CRM and reach out to them once a month via our built in Email module and Auto-Pilot Direct Mail system.

    By staying in front of your qualified catering prospects each month with RCS, you become their #1 choice should their current caterer drop the ball, or if they want to make a change.  

  • A Catering Quote & Proposal System


    The phone rings. A catering prospect wants you to put together a proposal for an event for fifty guests. Does the thought of taking the information, calculating the event and typing up a written proposal make you cringe? Are you thinking, "There's thirty minutes out of my day I don't have?"

    RCS has made creating quotes and proposals a piece of cake. Entering all the information in our Rapid Entry system. Select "Create-A-Quote" and a preformatted proposal is emailed to your prospect. You can create as many standard pages as you'd like; cover letter, frequently asked questions, testimonials, agreement language, etc. The last page is a breakdown of the menu entered in RCS. Having a system like this allows you to send out professional looking proposals in a fraction of the time. 

  • An Order Taking System

    Order_Entry.pngHand written tickets got the job done for me, but we wasted a lot of time asking for the same customer information over and over again. Each time a customer changes their mind; you’re tearing up a ticket and starting over.

    Imagine a few clicks of the mouse and the entire ticket is ready to go. What? You need to change a price, add an item on the fly or modify the order. No problem, thanks to this system. You can even produce estimates and convert them to orders later.

    When a customer calls up and asks for the same order as last Tuesday, it won’t be a problem with our "Place This Order Again” button.

    Your customers even have the ability to order online, from the comfort of their computer, without tying up your phone lines or no extra cost. 


  • Online Ordering SystemOnline_Ordering_System.png

    More and more catering clients want a way to order that's convenient to their schedule. RCS has a built in online ordering system, so any of your clients can order online, view their entire order history, place duplicate orders and much more.

    Our interface is dynmic. That means it is optimized for smart phones, iPhones and tablets. No need to pay for a seperate app. Your customers will love being able to order online. You'll love the time savings of having catering orders show up in your In Box.

  • An Accounting System

    Accounting.pngTake and process credit cards, accept checks or create invoices. Each day’s sales are reconciled. Create and send invoices, statements and produce aging reports that minimizes collection problems.





  •  A Catering Operations System


    No more shuffling through tickets trying to figure out how much food you need, when it needs to be ready, delivery time and who’s going to deliver it. Print out a Kitchen Production Report and know your food production every hour of the day...broken down by department. This report is the marching order your troupes need to successfully execute the craziest of catering days.

    Our Supplier Ordering Report will take into account what you need to order from each of your vendors. Save yourself hours of adding machine drudgery. Easily calculate quantities without the fear of misplaced decimal points and last minute panicked runs to the grocery store or club warehouse.

    Have you ever received the dreaded "You left something out of our order!” telephone call? With our Bag Labeling System, everyone knows how many bags/boxes are to go out the door. Your customer will have piece of mind knowing what’s in each bag or box. No more rummaging.

    Drop-off/delivered catering is a large part of catering for restaurant owners. Manage delivery times, prep times and drivers. Include a full color Google® map with door-to-door driving directions for your drivers.

  • A Phone Tracking System

    Phone_System.pngHow are your phones being answered when you're not around? Do prospective catering clients get an unlimited number of rings before giving up? Is your staff friendly, knowledgable and using your scripts to sell? 

    What about outgoing calls? Do you know if your sales and customer service staff are making the right calls?

    With our phone tracking system, you have the ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls. Call recordings are attached to customer records and can be played back or emailed for training or quality assurance purposes.


  • A Sales Analysis System

    Event_Type2.pngSuccess leaves clues. Studying and adapting the database analysis practices of large catalog firms lead to the creation of this system. Knowing important information like SIC Code (industry classification), employee size, event type and lead source gives you the knowledge of what percentage of your sales comes from these important, predictive variables. For example, if you discover that 7.8% of your sales come from schools, and further analysis reveals these schools are booking sport banquets, in-service luncheons and teacher appreciation luncheons...logic would tell you all of the schools in your area order catering for these events. You rent a mailing list and use one of our sales letters to become the school catering specialist in your area. We call this niche marketing, and there truly are catering riches in niches! 

  • A Marketing System That Places An Iron Cage Around Your Customers

    Marketing.pngIt doesn’t matter how great your catered food is, if you can’t market it. Here are the marketing systems, few utilize, but all can profit from, thanks to advances in web-based technology. You can click your mouse and have our mailing house send out your marketing pieces first class mail, the next business day. No more relying on employees waiting to "get around to it!




  • Customer Loyalty: Reward your best customers with Gift Certificates from your restaurant. You can set a different rebate percentage for each client. It’s the perfect incentive to lock in repeat business.

    RCS Auto Pilot Letters and Reports 3

  • Referral System: Not only should you ask for and encourage referrals, but your customers should be rewarded for giving them. Restaurant Catering Systems tracks all referrals and sends reward gift certificates to your clients. Your favorite pharmaceutical rep will love turning you on to all of his peers knowing that he’ll earn 2% of what they spend (you can change the percentage for each client). describe the image

  • Follow-Up System: Whether you choose to automatically send a thank you note via our web-based mailing service or print a report of clients to call back, nothing is more important than letting them know you appreciate their business and value their feedback.RCS Auto Pilot Letters and Reports 1

  • Customer Reactivation System: Six months after one of your good clients stops ordering the light bulb goes off: "We haven’t received an order from them in a while.” At the start of each month mail a letter or call all the clients who haven’t ordered in 45, 60 or 90 days. You set the cycle that fits your operation. You’ll be able to identify problems which cause client migration, as well as, reactivate lost customers. You’ve got to let them know you care to keep them.RCS Auto Pilot Letters and Reports 4

  • Monthly Newsletter: A woman would never stay with a man that didn’t call and show interest. She’d be off to the next suitor quicker than you can say Superman. Sending your catering customers and prospects a monthly newsletter that entertains and educates keeps you "Top of Mind”. After 12 months of sending his catering prospects a newsletter, one of my coaching clients booked a 500 person event. Well worth the $12 investment in building the relationship.

  • Birthday Program: Many restaurant owners are sending birthday cards and free meals to their dining room customers, but almost no one is doing the same for their catering clients. And a good catering client can be worth 10 times more than a dining room customer. How many birthday cards do you receive from your vendors, people to whom you write big checks? It’s all about building relationships. A birthday letter good for a free meal at your restaurant will make it virtually impossible for a competitor to drive a wedge between you and your customers.RCS Auto Pilot Letters and Reports 7

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