Social Media Marketing

Michael Attias Mar 14, 2013

I’ve been putting out a weekly article for probably the last five or six years. In this little world, I love hearing back from subscribers. Any time I can provide inspiration, education and humor, I consider what I do a success.

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How To Dominate Your Catering Market

Michael Attias Mar 13, 2013

Monday, a lady friend of mine took me out to the country to experience a Himalayan salt cave where there are supposed health benefits. I’m always game for a new adventure and leaving work a little early on a Monday.

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Increasing Catering Sales With SEO

Michael Attias Mar 7, 2013

My lifelong friend, Stephen, is an attorney in Memphis. He has a beautiful fifteen month old daughter. I am so happy his wife Melissa is not a lawyer. Does our country really need lawyers breeding with lawyers?

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Catering Via S.E.O.

Michael Attias Oct 18, 2012

Unless your primary demographic is the sixty plus crowd, using the Yellow Pages to promote your catering is a major waste of time. I’m not even sure if my kids know what the Yellow Pages are.

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