The Trump Factor:  How To Book More Catering

Michael Attias Nov 12, 2015

Though I don’t love everything about the man, I do admire the fact Donald Trump has actually had to make a payroll. He knows how to get up each and every morning and hunt and kill and bring it back to his massive cave to feed thousands of families each week.

Now please do not email me back with your political rants. I am not going to convince, nor try to convince you to make him our next president. And please don’t think you can ever convince me to vote for any liberal who wants to make minimum wage $15 per hour. That is a whole other article.

But what you can’t deny about Trump is his ability to make money, lots of money from real estate. Since we are referencing politics here, let’s talk about trickle-down economics. Again, please no hate mail or trying to set me straight. Let’s just agree to disagree. And you agree to just read the article and profit from the wisdom.

So back to Trump and real estate.  

If you were to drive around Nashville, you would soon notice the construction cranes dotting the skyline. I heard the number was close to a hundred. During a meeting at a downtown high rise, I counted thirteen from one corner window.

Currently, there is over two billion dollars worth of construction going on in Nashville. Billion with a “B” spells a whole lot of opportunity…even for caterers.

Let’s examine a few angles:

Topping Out Parties: When a high rise building gets the roof finished, the general contractor throws a “Topping Out” party of his team and all of the subs. When I owned my restaurant we did a lot of topping out parties.

The most famous topping out party Corky’s catered was for the Titan’s stadium. We fed two thousand hungry construction workers.

There are services that provide leads of construction projects in your market. One of my CEO Roundtable friends, Wendy, sells aerial photography to that niche. I think she uses a service like this:

Of course you can go down to your local government and pull construction permits for larger jobs.

We targeted local large general contractors with a letter members have access to on

Here’s the link to the letter: Just search for “Contractor’s Letter”.

Another real estate related catering niche is open houses. There are times when realtors hold open houses for other realtors. Whether it is to launch a new subdivision or showcase a new million-dollar listing, there is strength in numbers.

By inviting realtors in the area to see the new listing, they get the power of all these realtors going back to their clients and offices to present the property. Using other people’s connections works wonders for realtors.

The larger the real estate project, the larger the catering budget. No one is going to show off a new three-million-dollar home and serve Cheese Whiz and Ritz crackers.

The final real estate related catering niche is catering in “Lunch & Learns” to real estate offices. Everyone from title companies to home inspection companies wants a piece of the real estate pie. Realtors are gatekeepers to business for mortgage brokers, home inspectors, pest control companies (termite letter) and title companies.

Many of these companies will come in and feed the realty office and put on a “Lunch & Learn” event. Some of these classes qualify for continuing education credit. The free lunch is a way to network with realtors and work to earn their trust and referrals.

Finding and targeting these companies is very easy thanks to the internet. I would start off by talking to brokers of real estate offices. Ask them to refer you the company types above that provide lunch.

As you can see, regardless of your political affiliation, this real estate niche catering article was inspired by Donald Trump. Whether he becomes president or not, at least he can put some money in your pocket.

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Well, that’s all for this issue.

To Your Restaurant's Marketing & Catering Success,

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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