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Free BEO Templates Made Good and Plentiful

Michael Attias May 30, 2018

If you read last week’s blog article, you know we have just released a Build-Your-Own Banquet Event Order Template tool we are giving away free to any clients on our Marketing Pro-Plus Catering Software.

A Banquet Event Order Tool Cut Above the Rest

There are three things that set our BEO Template apart:

1. Unlimited BEO Templates

What good is a template if you only get one at your disposal. Just like our Catering Proposal Templates, you can create an unlimited number of them.  Have preset BEO Templates for weddings, holiday parties, non-profit fundraisers and much more.

A few minutes spent creating a BEO Template today will save you hours down the road, especially in the heat of busy season. Each template can be edited, deleted and/or cloned.

banquet event order template

2.  Simple Drag & Drop BEO Template Creator

There is nothing worse than needing a PhD in computer sciences to get something working in software.

We built you a BEO Template Creator that allows you to add/subtract as many modules as you want. You can drag and drop anywhere in the template, as well as choose to make any section a half- or full-width page. This way you get a finished template that works the way you do. 

3.  Unlimited Pictures In Your BEO Template

Let’s face it, a picture is worth a thousand words. How much more effective will your team execute an event with a picture of room layouts, table settings, buffet setups, etc.?

In keeping with our focus on tools that are easy-to-use, yet robust, you can create an unlimited number of picture pages in your BEO Templates. Choose from 1, 2 or 4 pictures on the page with the ability to write a short note under each one.

Are you known for your Cowboy Cookout? Pre-load each and every picture your team would need to execute flawlessly, and they are all there any time you need that template. Need to change out a picture for a particular event? You can do that on the fly. 

beo template 

Other BEO Template Features Worth Noting

  1. Rentals: We have just added a Rentals section to our catering software. Create an unlimited number of rental items with pricing and supplier of the rental item(s). Rental items have their own BEO section.
  2. Timeline: Create your own pre-set timeline items and customize the times for each event.
  3. Staffing: Though we are not a scheduling tool, you can enter staffing for your event in the BEO Template and customize it with Time In/Time Out, Position and Team Members with permission to work those positions. Your event Captains not only have staffing at their fingertips, team member phone numbers are included on the BEO Template.  

Besides the highlights above, you can add as many customizable sections as you need. The BEO Template builder comes with pre-filled fields from your event and venue database that can be added in and left as is or edited. Just about anything you need on your BEO can be created with this tool.

We also have a signature section you can add to the end of your BEO. Just enter your “terms” and you have a way for a catering client to approve of all details.

Want to Learn More About Our Free BEO Template Tool?

1.  Support Articles:  We have a series of support articles to give you the down and dirty on this new feature, which you can find here.

2.  Demo/Training:   If you are interested in getting a demo of the BEO tool or want it turned on and trained for it, please book a time to meet.

To your catering success! 

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Let us know how this tool can improve your next catered banquet!

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