The Power of Movers

Michael Attias Sep 13, 2013

This has been the craziest six months in my life. As many of you know, I battled a chronic sinus infection for three months. It took four rounds of antibiotics, two rounds of steroids, countless sleepless nights and a trip to the emergency room just to get me in shape for sinus surgery.

Any time I go under anesthesia I get worried. Thankfully, I only needed one pain pill and the results have been great. If breathing was the equivalent of a five mile an hour breeze in my nose before the surgery, now I feel like a tornado resides in my nostrils. I absolutely should have had this done years ago.

While all this was going on, a lady I was seeing and I decide to not take our relationship to the next level. Great gal, but timing was off for her.

I took a stab at online dating. Being a great copywriter, I had a ton of replies from e-Misery. Unfortunately, they were mostly saber-toothed tigers. I could seriously write a sitcom from my online dating experiences.

The highlight was receiving an email from a lovely young lady I’m in the early stages of dating. Goes to show there’s value in knowing how to write good copy.

With all this activity in my life and just getting back from a family vacation to France, I happened across a great house in East Nashville to buy. It is a new construction on a transitional street. I am very excited to move to East Nashville as the best independent restaurants in Nashville are housed there. It is a very cool, hip indie part of town. Hopefully they won’t throw me out for being a little right of center.

Attias house resized 600

With the million and one things on my plate for this move, I realized my life will change.

I will need to find a new grocery store, dry cleaners, coffee shop, etc. (I already know all the restaurants in the area).

Targeting new movers provides an excellent opportunity for a restaurant to attract new, loyal, repeat clients. To get someone to change a habit is very difficult.

To get someone to make you a new habit is infinitely easier.

I wrote a small booklet called “How to Automatically Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant”. It’s a quick read and very valuable one for the astute restaurant owner.

To download your free copy, just go to:

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Michael Attias

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