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Michael Attias Mar 7, 2013

My lifelong friend, Stephen, is an attorney in Memphis. He has a beautiful fifteen month old daughter. I am so happy his wife Melissa is not a lawyer. Does our country really need lawyers breeding with lawyers?

A few years back Stephen hired a firm to help him with SEO, search engine optimization. One of the things they do/guarantee is to get him back links.

All the while, Stephen took it upon himself to learn how SEO works. He came to find out that most of his back links were from shady websites. Stephen has more ethics than the average lawyer, and he knows a back link from an Asian porn site isn’t really good for business.

So he fired the company and took it upon himself.

We at RCS are working on an auto-pilot system to help our clients rank higher in the search engines. I won’t get into the details, until I’m ready to share the entire system.

There is one aspect of the system every reader can use tomorrow to help your ranking. It is procurement of good back links.

If you own a deli in Detroit or burger bar in Baltimore, Google will put a lot of weight into back links from local businesses, non-profits and schools.

But why would any of these folks help you?

It’s simple. I would offer to cater an event for a deep discount. Test this out by mailing a hundred or so organizations. A good headline might read…

“Ben’s Deli Is Offering Ten Baltimore Area Companies

Half Off Their Next Catered Event!

But There’s Only One Small Catch…”

I never believe in discounting for the sake of discounting, but to offer half off a catered event in exchange for a back link to your website is probably a pretty good deal.

Obviously, there are a few tricks to maximizing your back links, but I’ll save that for another day.

I just hired a body building nutritionist who wrote three books, to help me shed the ten pounds I put on after my knee surgery. He has me eating seven times a day. It’s time for me to make a protein shake.

I never thought I’d say it, “But I’m getting sick of eating!”

I understand small meals often help stoke the metabolism, but is it Saturday yet? I’m ready for a cheat meal. Will it be pizza or pasta? Maybe both.

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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