Restaurant Marketing Minute: Really, Are Your Shoes That Bad?

Michael Attias Oct 27, 2011

Michael Attias, Owner of Restaurant Catering SystemsAs I write this it is 4:44am. I’ve been up working since 3am and glad I decided to choose my computer to the remote control. I had serious doubts about sharing this article with the Restaurant Marketing Minute subscribers, instead of just sending it out in my paid monthly newsletter, The Restaurant & Catering Power Marketing Letter.

This article could be the most important article I’ve written all year, so I wanted to share it with all of my subscribers.

One of my favorite quotes is a Persian Proverb, “I complained that I had no shoes, until I met someone with no feet.”

Well, this literally happened to me this past Tuesday night.

I flew into Chicago on Monday to drive down to Bloomington, Illinois to conduct a seminar for Sysco Central Illinois. I hung around for a few hours after my talk to interact and answer questions the attendees had.

I left Bloomington with plenty of time to catch my flight, actually enough time to catch an earlier one. Unfortunately, the 4:10 to Nashville was oversold, so I grabbed a Gold Coast Dog and headed to gate B18 for a long wait.

I took about an hour nap, and then picked up a book to read.

As I soon discovered, my long wait was about to get longer as the plane from St. Louis was delayed due to mechanical problems. It didn’t help that I was fighting off a cold and sore throat.

As I was getting up to board the plane, I gave a young gentleman with a couple of scars across his forehead and a zip in his step my big, comfy Southwest Airline deluxe large black chair.

He thanked me and was glad to see the table for his drink was on the right side.

As I started to walk away, I couldn’t help but stare at this young man. He was decked out in military camo from head to toe literally. As he sat down I eavesdropped on a few words he exchanged with the person sitting next to him.

He had just returned from the West Coast where he competed in a triathalon. The joy in his voice describing the experience was magnetic. I wish I could have stayed to hear more.

Frankly, I was moved by this young man.

You see, I knew 100% he had served our country proudly, not just some kid sporting camo. He was missing both legs and an arm. His prosthetics were camo colored.

They say people remember us more for how we made them feel, then what we say.

Well, that young man brought out a range of emotions that day in me.

I felt pride in what our men and women in uniform do to protect our freedoms each day.

I felt weird for staring.

I felt disgusted in myself for ever complaining about what I don’t have.

I felt motivated to raise my game. That’s why I chose to hit my desk at 3am and not grab the TV remote and stay on my comfy Tempur-Pedic.

I am really sorry I didn’t have time to get to know that young man. There are so many questions I would have liked to ask. He definitely deserved a thank you for his service to our country. And I sure would have loved a picture with him to keep by my desk…

So I would never complain about my proverbial lack of shoes again.

Well, that’s all for this issue.


To Your Restaurant's Marketing & Catering Success,


Michael Attias


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